FCC 电容式非接触式电压探棒 F-CVP-1
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品    牌:FCC
型    号:F-CVP-1

工作带宽:9 kHz – 100 MHz
标称增益探头:- 20 dB
标称增益平坦度:(150 kHz – 30 MHz): +/- 0.2 dB
                (9 kHz – 100 MHz): +/- 1.5 dB
动态范围:80 dB minimum
最小可测量的信号:(At 1kHz detection bandwidth) 10 dBuV
最大可测量的信号:约10 V
探头电源:内置可充电镍氢电池或镍镉,或一次性碱性电池(10 AA尺寸)
电池寿命:40 hours minimum
电池充电器:External, powered from 120 VAC
充电时间(最长):14 hours
连接器:Type N (female)
输出连接器外形尺寸:7.7 inches High X 5.0 inches Wide X 8.0 inches Long (19.6 cm X 12.7 cm X 20.3 cm)

The Fischer Custom Communications, Inc. non-contact capacitive voltage probe (F-CVP-1) is used to measure the common mode voltage appearing between a multi-pair balanced cable bundle and the local ground reference for the cable bundle in accordance with CISPR 22 Section C.1.3. The F-CVP-1 makes this voltage measurement without requiring direct contact with the metallic conductors in the cable bundle, or requiring physically breaking the cable bundle to install the F-CVP-1.

The F-CVP-1 consists of 2 concentric metal electrodes. A capacitive voltage divider is formed by the capacitance between the cable bundle under test and the inner metal electrode of the F-CVP-1, and the capacitance between the inner and outer metal electrodes of the F-CVP-1. A Fischer Custom Communications, Inc. proprietary circuit buffers and amplifies the voltage from this capacitive divider, and provides a voltage out of the F-CVP-1 for direct input into a 50 O signal or spectrum analyzer.

The F-CVP-1 meets the critical requirement to minimize capacitive loading of cables under test. If the loading is greater than 5 pico farads the overall impedance of the cable under test can be significantly lowered and result in erroneous common mode voltage measurements.

Accessories Provided:
Rechargeable NiMH batteries
Battery Charger
Foam inserts to hold/position wire/cable under test inside CVP
Operating Manual

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